Reminder:  There’s still time to make your IRA contribution before the 2014 tax season ends April 15, 2015.  Don’t Delay!

*We ask that all contributions be received to our office by noon April 15.

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Simplicity. Serenity. Freedom. Do these words come to mind when you think about your finances?  They can, and they should. At Koss Financial Group, we aim to simplify your life and give you financial peace of mind by taking you through the financial planning process, step-by-step. Our firm values building relationships; we listen to the client’s needs and create a custom-made plan designed specifically for you. We ask the tough questions, such as what are you going to do next in life? What do you want your retirement to look like? And then we help you get there. Because life is about more than just money - it’s about really living, and our business is about helping you achieve the quality of life you’ve always wanted.


It has been an interesting start to the year!  As you have heard I’m sure, volatility has increased although mostly due to Europe and falling oil prices. However, we believe that falling energy prices is more of a win for all of us as individuals and business in general as we pay a much lesser price for gas/oil. We wanted to give some perspective to where we are, what we’re seeing and some expectations going forward.  Click on the Quarterly Update tab to read through this update and feel free to call with any concerns or questions you may have.  We are always watching closely!