Simplicity. Confidence. Freedom.

Do these words come to mind when you think about your finances? They can, and they should. At Koss Financial Group, our advisors aim to simplify your life and take you through the financial planning process, step-by-step. Our team values building relationships; we listen to the client’s needs and create a custom-made plan designed specifically for you. We ask the tough questions, such as what are you going to do next in life? What do you want your retirement to look like? And then we help you get there. Because life is about more than just money - it’s about really living, and our business is about helping you achieve the quality of life you’ve always wanted.

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As the Year begins…

February 2017

Income in our golden years


Important Information for Tax Season 2016

As you prepare for tax season, here is some information that you may find beneficial. See the expected mailing schedule for the various tax forms below. Due to the possibility of amended 1099 forms, we highly encourage scheduling your tax preparation appointments after March 15.

2016 Form 1099 mailing schedule

  1. January 31 – Mailing of Form 1099-Q and Retirement Tax Packages
  2. February 15 – Mailing of original Form 1099s
  3. February 28 – Begin mailing delayed and amended Form 1099s
  4. March 15 – Final mailing of any remaining delayed original Form 1099s

Please also be aware: If your account(s) transferred from Wells Fargo to Raymond James after January 1, 2016, then you may receive tax documents from both

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