We don’t believe market timing works over the long haul, nor do we believe in a “buy and forget” mentality. Our investment strategy uses an analytical, fundamental approach and strategic asset allocation to build your portfolio. Our constant assessment of risk vs. reward is essential.

We will not rashly react to the market, nor make decisions based on emotions. We will work alongside you to help keep the focus on your personal goals and the bigger picture. We believe a consistent investment approach may bring long term financial success.


  1. Discover– Your dreams, desires & needs
  2. Analyze– Your Risk vs. Reward factor
  3. Recommend– A plan that best helps achieve your goals
  4. Implement– Your customized investment plan
  5. Coordinate– Estate & insurance needs with your other advisors such as attorney & tax preparer
  6. Monitor– Continual market analysis & necessary adjustments, Monthly